Biomaterials research center conducts researches related to materials used in medical and especially dental procedures. This is the result of the teamwork and operation between different department of shiraz dental school.

In addition this research center will have a constant and effective interaction with other research centers within or outside the country.

Having the required equipment, this research center can provide research services to all academic staffs and students.

The aim of this center is to conduct researches on human or animals in the field of producing new biomaterials to be used in medical or even veterinary areas.

We are hoping that this center can organize national and international conferences in the future. In addition establishing a research journal called “Journal of Dental Biomaterials” is in the agenda for this center.
Biomaterial Research Center
Shiraz University of medical sciences
Address: Ghomabad, Ghasrodasht St, Dental School, Shiraz, Iran
Tel: + 98 711 36280119