Biomaterials research center shiraz university of medical sciences conducts researches related to materials used in medical and especially dental procedures. This is the result of the teamwork and operation between different department of shiraz dental school and often dental schools that work in this area.

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56th International Congress & Exhibition of Iranian Dental Association

November 4, 2015; M bagheri

EXCIDA is the largest and the most established combined dental congress and exhibition in Iran. EXCIDA is the right place to get latest insights, new approaches and extensive dental educational programs for highest possible standards of professional dental practice.

An extensive exhibition associated with the event offers attendees the vast ranging selection of dental services and products through the fantastic array of prominent companies from dental industry.

Over 10,000 dental professionals attend EXCIDA each year to obtain latest trends in dentistry.

On May 2016, Iranian Dental Association hosts the First FDI Persian Regional Congress in conjunction with its annual meeting (EXCIDA 56). EXCIDA 56’s Scientific Committee in concert with FDI Senior Advisors will bring together a stellar lineup of world-class faculty and speakers.

EXCIDA 56 will be an ideal place for perfecting clinical skills, enhancing the success of dental career and integrating with prominent dental manufacturers and suppliers who will showcase a vast array of dental products, equipment, and materials.

The theme of this spectacular event is: “Nations Collaboration via Nations Gate." The gate refers to Gate of All Nations in Persepolis (Persian ancient city registered as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites) and is the metaphor of an ambience in which all nations are welcomed due to promote active scientific collaboration.

Tehran is the capital city and cultural centre of the nation. Tehran is the home to many historic mosques, churches, synagogues and Zoroastrian fire temples as well as over 54 museums and art galleries. 

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