Biomaterials research center shiraz university of medical sciences conducts researches related to materials used in medical and especially dental procedures. This is the result of the teamwork and operation between different department of shiraz dental school and often dental schools that work in this area.

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UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition

November 4, 2015; M bagheri

Date: 2 – 4 February 2016
Venue: Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre

The 20th UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition – AEEDC Dubai under the theme “Education & Innovation Transfer” will be held from 2 – 4 February 2016 at the state-of-the-art Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.
Over the years, AEEDC Dubai provides an excellent platform for innovation, continuous professional development, business and social networking opportunities. 
AEEDC Dubai conference will always present high-quality scientific programs and activities for dental professionals with the contribution of more than 150 renowned speakers worldwide.
The exhibition will showcase over thousands of unique range of products, equipment and services available from the global market with the participation of numerous dental manufacturers and key industry leaders.

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